About The Video Implementation Programme

Are you ready to use video but not sure where to start?

Perhaps you’ve tried making video blogs but don’t like the way you look and sound. Maybe the videos haven’t turned out how you thought they would so you’ve deleted them. Don’t worry. You’ve made an important first step: you’ve understood the essential part video plays in today’s businesses. This three week online course will show you how to plan, film and edit your videos with confidence. (Price includes VAT).

Who Is The Video Implementation Programme For?

If you're committed to using video then this course will suit many businesses

  • Business owners and Entreprenuers

    You run your own business and probably do all of the marketing or are heavily involved with it.

    You need to get in front of the camera so your customers can get to know you. And you know that using video is the answer.

    You've been focusing on shorter social videos which are mostly entertainment. and have a shorter shelf life. Now you need to create longer videos which connect and resonate with your audience.

  • Course creators and educators

    You who have a portfolio of online courses. with a range of other content for learners.

    You now need to learn how to make some key videos to take your course to the next level.

    You might be a course creator launching your first online course and you'll be adding lots of video content with you in the video teaching students.

  • Marketing Professionals

    You're part of a busy marketing department and want to embrace video as part of your digital marketing strategy.

    You don't have the budget to hire an expensive video company so understand that learning some key video making skills will help you achieve your goal.


“The course exceeded my expectations. There was a lot of practical work which really helped to understand the planning, how to use equipment and deliver vlogs for your business. Very well planned and definitely brings out your video confidence. ”

Geri Hardy

“A very detailed programme. The course materials are excellent.”

Donald Page

“It has taken me 2 years to start using videos. I have avoided it like the plague. The VIP made the whole process very accessible. Each step is explained. And the course emphasised the importance of planning and scripting - a part of the process which I would have bypassed. But not now. I see how valuable it is how stress free scripting made the video making process. I now have a solid base to build on and use to create more videos. There is still a lot to learn but I can create videos now with more confidence and knowledge. ”

Sandra Trusty

Meet Pam: Your Video Expert

I’m Pam Jones and I head up Eight Interactive. I’m a video creator, video trainer, and consultant and love all things creative and visual. When I set up Eight Interactive in 2007, the services centred around elearning design. Video became a large part of that design process. Video is now an essential part of any business, whether you need to use it for a marketing campaign, engaging your audience, or for training content. I've seen so many businesses make videos badly. I wanted to change that. Talking to clients and business owners I soon realised that everyone wanted something different. Some businesses wanted help with what to say in videos. Others were too camera shy. And some wanted more help with editing. It was from listening to clients I decided to create this course which covered all these areas. And more. I've created this as a step by step process for making vlogs effectively. And confidently to help you change and grow your business.
Pam Jones

Got some questions?

Here are answers to some questions you might be pondering.

  • What does the course include?

    The course includes 19 video lessons which all vary in length. Many of these have extra materials like worksheets, templates, how tos and tips. The course materials have all been designed to maximise and support your learning. A discussion area is available for you to ask any questions about the course learning.

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    The course is designed as a 3 week programme. Each week is released over the three week period from when you enrol. Once you have access to the course, you can learn at your own pace. So you can take longer than 3 weeks if you need to.

  • What equipment do I need to complete the course?

    You'll definitely need your smart phone to film your videos. One of the first few lessons will guide you to other essential equipment we recommend you buy. Most of this equipment can be bought at lower prices. We suggest you set aside approximately £100 for suitable equipment. It's up to you if you want to spend more. For the editing lessons, you'll also need to set aside a minimal budget for editing software. This is explained in the editing part of the programme.

  • How does this course work?

    Once you enrol with your username and password, you get instant online access to the course. All the lessons and materials are available from the course area. The course is designed to completed over 3 weeks but you can take longer if you need to. Work at your own pace.

  • How much is the course?

    The price for the course is £300 which includes VAT. This is how the price has to be shown in the platform. Breakdown of the price is Course price £250. VAT £50.

  • Do you offer refunfs?

    As this is a digital product, we are unable to offer refunds. Please read all the course information thoroughly before you buy.

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2

    Planning Your Videos

    • Setting The Foundation

    • Essential Equipment For Vlogging

    • Writing A Script Which Sells

    • Writing Scripts Which Educate

    • Where To Film Your Videos

  • 3

    Filming: Lights Camera Action

    • Setting The Scene

    • Make A Practice Video

    • Camera Confidence

    • What To Wear For Camera Confidence

    • How To Shoot Your Video - Horizontal vs Vertical Filming

    • Presenting Your Script To Camera Without Recording A Hundred Takes

    • Lights, Camera, Action

  • 4

    Editing Your Video

    • The Basic Video Editing Steps

    • The First Cut

    • Add Video Effects

    • Create A Thumbnail Image

    • Create Closed Captions

    • Upload and Share

    • It's A Wrap