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What Can Video Do For Your Business?

Whether you need more visibility or more leads, enquiries and customers, using high quality video will help you achieve your goals.

Most people think video is easy to make. Pick up a smartphone, press record and upload right? Wrong.

Do this and I guarantee you’ll feel disappointed with the video.

The truth is that there’s more to video making than pressing a record button. In fact there are several video approaches which many businesses don’t even consider and most them don’t even involve smart phone filming.

This masterclass will show you many different video approaches.
Video Masterclass Goals


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“This masterclass s is probably the best online training I have ever done. It is thorough, practical and inspiring. I can't wait to get started now!”

Lindsay W

“5 star workshop. Absolutely spot on delivery. Thank you for the inspiration. ”

Jackie P

“A good introduction to using videos for marketing. The feedback has helped me to identify several steps for improving their use for my own business, which I have already started to put into action.”

Kim R

“This workshop is a wonderful way to feel confident about using video to promote all kinds of businesses. Pam took us through lots of different examples that we could use, even if we would rather hide behind the camera! It's given me lots of ideas and I feel confident about using video for my business going forward. I would definitely recommend this course. Thank you so much!”


“I would highly recommend completing this video masterclass. It is well thought out and delivered in a very professional manner. It was very informative and I have learnt so much from this to help me with my own video marketing strategy and I will be putting this into practice over time within my own business.”

Yvonne P.

“Amazing! I came away with a whole array of tools and ideas to put everything into action and I'm now well on the way to producing a series of 12 videos for my own fb Business Page! I would highly recommend Pam with her expertise and ability to explain the most complicated things in a very practical way to achieve them. ”

Dianne B

“A fabulous session and it's really helpful for both those who are confident in front of a camera and anyone who is more reticent. Pam gave us lots of options for doing videos in different ways and I came away buzzing with ideas for using way more videos in my business. Huge thanks”

Dawn R

“I have learnt some really useful tips, have a better idea of direction to use video, and been guided to some very useful tools to use! The masterclass was very cost effective and I can already see that the quality of my videos will improve greatly. Pam is a real breath of fresh air with great vision for what you can do if you have the right tools, and I can highly recommend doing a workshop, or even better, one of her programmes.”

Debi R

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The 'How To Use Video To Promote Your Business' Masterclass shares lots of video examples to inspire you.

Hi, I'm Pam

I’ve been creating digital and video content creator for 20 years – around the time when the Internet was born.

Previously an online learning designer, I’ve created content for many subjects and many different audiences. On my last count I think I have designed and created over 3,000 pieces of interactive digital and video content across training, education and businesses sectors.

I created this Masterclass in 2018 after meeting many busy business owners and marketing professionals like you who wanted to use video for their business but didn’t know where to start.

Businesses who thought video was only for the larger corporates.

Businesses who thought video needed a BIG budget.

I wanted to dispel these myths and created this Masterclass all about video.

The feedback has been amazing!

As a small business owner myself, I was used to creating content for clients. But I also need to learn how I could use video to market my business.

I had to ditch the nerves and get on my camera. I had to think of creative ways to promote my video services.

So I know exactly where you’re at. Tools and technology have evolved to make it easier for EVERY business to be able to use video in their digital marketing.

And this Masterclass is your first step to understanding how.

Let’s get started.
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